(English) Sport Welcomes Refugees animated video

Project “Sport Welcomes Refugees” aims to improve participation of migrants and refugees in sporting activities, and to reach this final objective it produced a set of training materials and suggestions to act as tools to help sport clubs and organisations who want to implement work with refugees.

Among these instruments the SPIN network created an animated awareness video with useful tips and suggestions. The video is born from analysis of the results of focus groups research conducted in 8 partner countries on the challenges & difficulties that clubs have in their daily work with migrants and refugees.Thanks to using the services of themarketingheaven.com, the number of views on this video on YouTube has been significantly increased, which attracted the attention of new sponsors and partners happy to participate in this kind of humanitarian events.    

The protagonist of the video is a male-white-football coach, representing a kind of stereotype, called Ralph. Ralph wants to start to use sport to include people and tell other sports coaches of the obstacles he faced and solutions he adopted.

The video is divided into sort chapters, which makes it easier to use for awareness raising and as part of  training. 

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(English) Fundamental Rights Forum and Sport and Refugees Forum

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During the following months, Sport Welcomes Refugees project and SPIN network will be present in two different international events.

From the 25th to the 27th of September will be held in Vienna the Fundamental Rights Forum.

Over three days, the Forum will be a melting pot of ideas. Participants will share their stories, discuss new perspectives on pressing human rights issues and suggest strategies to deal with them.

On the second day of the Forum, the 26th of September, Des Thomlison will represent the Sport Inclusion Network and he will participate during the conference.

The Sport and Refugees Forum is to be held in Lausanne, Switzerland, on November 8, 2018 and it will be a further occasion where it will be related the experience of SWR project.

The conference event will appeal to governing bodies, leagues, clubs, NGOs, UN agencies, and all those engaged with and interested in effectively addressing this topic.

The Sport Inclusion Network (SPIN) is proud to be an event partner. At the Forum we will share experiences and present preliminary findings about our ongoing Sport Welcomes Refugees project.

On the World Refugee Day, RESPONSIBALL launched a special website (https://schwery.com/workshop/responsiball-forum/) for the Forum on Refugees and Sport.

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(English) Football aids Refugees

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As part of UEFA’s Study Group Scheme, representatives of 21 member associations met in the Republic of Ireland in early April to consider how football can be used to help migrants. The meeting was hosted by UEFA member Association and Sport Welcomes Refugees partner organisation FAI.

Football can bring people together, foster mutual understanding and break down prejudices. A total of 65 million people around the world have been driven from their homes – 9 out of every 1,000 people worldwide. While some countries are more affected than others this forced migration has sparked a global debate spanning social, cultural, economic political and environmental issues.

As the world’s most popular sport and one that is deeply embedded in the fabric of society, football has been affected by this global crisis, yet also has the potential to help alleviate it. Many of UEFA’s member associations have been directly impacted and have sought to improve matters in their countries.

Against that background representatives of various national associations recently attended a UEFA Study Group Scheme seminar entitled Football and Refugees with the express intention of learning from one another as well as from other relevant experts and organisations, and addressing this issue in the most effective manner possible.
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Girls Football Festival – Football Zajedno

Gemeinsam Fußball spielen und Vorurteile abbauen. Von 13.-15 Juli 2018 treffen sich in Wien Mädchenfußballteams aus Bosnien und Herzegowina, Montenegro, Serbien und Österreich.

Beim Girls Football Festival verbringen knapp 100 Mädchen drei Tage zusammen in Wien. Es wird gemeinsam trainiert, gespielt, die Stadt erkundet, ein Public Viewing und Rahmenprogramm zum WM-Finale veranstaltet und in Workshops werden Themen wie Sexismus, Nationalismus, Respekt und Fair Play aufgegriffen.

Fußball ist nicht nur ein Ort des Kennenlernens, des (Jugend-)Austausches und damit des Abbaus gegenseitiger Vorurteile. Es ist auch ein Ort der Ermächtigung, den sich Mädchen immer mehr aneignen. Dieses Engagement soll mit dem Mädchenfußballfestival in Wien gezielt gefördert werden.


Die Teams des 2. Girls Football Festivals kommen aus Bosnien und Herzegowina, Montenegro, Serbien und Österreich. Der Leistungsgedanke steht beim Girls Football Festival nicht im Vordergrund. Bei der Zusammensetzung der Teams wird auf einen Mix aus Vereinsbetrieb und informellen Fußballprojekten/-initiativen Wert gelegt. Es geht darum, gemeinsam eine gute Zeit zu verbringen, neue Menschen kennen zu lernen und Vorurteile aufzubrechen. Der Fußball wird dabei im Mittelpunkt stehen – hochwertige Trainingssessions und ein kleines Turnier bieten den Rahmen, um diesen herum wird ein vielfältiges Programm organisiert. Die Kosten für Teilnahme und Verpflegung werden von fairplay übernommen.

Football Zajedno

Im Projekt Football Zajedno soll durch Fußball gegenseitige Wertschätzung, Fair Play, Respekt und Teamfähigkeit gestärkt und Nationalismus und Rassismus abgebaut werden, unter anderem durch Bildungsprojekte und Jugendaustausch. Neben zahlreichen anderen Aktivitäten wird dieses Jahr zum zweiten Mal das Girls Football Festival in Wien stattfinden.

Das Festival wird von der Stadt Wien, der ADA, den Fußballverbänden Bosnien und Herzegowina, Montenegro und Serbien im Rahmen des UEFA HatTrick Programms unterstützt und von der fairplay Initiative durchgeführt.

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(English) The contribution of Uisp’s projects to Mondiali Antirazzisti

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“Sport welcomes refugees” and “Welcome! Mondiali Antirazzisti in tour” projects were protagonists of training and comparison moments.

In the programme of Mondiali Antirazzisti, held in Castelfranco Emilia (MO) from the 4th to the 7th of July, the national training workshop of Sport Welcomes Refugees European project took place. On this occasion, Loredana Barra, Uisp Sassari, animated a discussion on Uisp methodology to be applied in the proposed activities with migrants and refugees and with the little ones. The group of participants, made up of members of the national Uisp, several Uisp coordinators of the Welcome – Mondiali Antirazzisti in Tour project, university researchers and journalists, was confronted, thanks to the explanations and games proposed by the trainer, on the need to adopt during the training an oblique rather than horizontal methodology. Entrusting to all the same sports objectives can, in fact, arouse disappointment and negative experiences that are going to undermine the willingness of the participants to get involved. On the opposite, by giving freedom of interpretation, everyone is allowed to perform the exercise obtaining a much more satisfactory overall result. The workshop ended with a stimulating exchange of ideas on the application of this methodology to the events that the various coordinators present have planned. In particular, a focus was held on the activities that are going to be proposed on August 31st, on September 1st and 2nd in Matera for the “Mondiali Antirazzisti al Sud” event, as part of the “Welcome! Mondiali Antirazzisti in tour” project.

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