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20.10.2018 activities of action

The meeting that was held in Tali from 16:00 to 21:00, allowed us to address quite important topics in a friendly environment to rule on our concerns and difficulties that we meet everywhere in the field of sports without Distinction of sex in a society where everything is linked to money. Consequence, everything is paid nothing is free. The participants that we are, consider that sport is at the service of development and peace and is also an unique opportunity to show how sport is a universal tool, a vector of social change, development and peace in all aspects of life. To conclude, sport facilitates dialogue and is a human experience of the most enriching that allows us not only to confront our opinions but also to bring people together in conviviality and cheerfulness.

During the first two hours we had a round table with participants from Helsinki of Fare Ayisat Yusuf, President of Liikkukaa-Sports for All, Ike Chime, Nicolas Botti from Helsinki Sports International,   Atlantis Football Club, Spartk, PoHu, Heritage of Hämeenlinna and Hämeenlinna Football Club, Jyväskylä the African Association of Middle Finland and Tervakoski Pato took all part. As a result, the discussion was moderated by Christian Thibault from the Liikkukaa-Sports for All Organization.

The discussion focused mainly on migrants in sports in general. Nana Boateng from Heritage Hämeenlinna had expressed a focus on the problems of migrant women in sports. She also talked about the difficulties of girls to participate in the local sports club due to high pricing like everywhere in Finland, is one of the   biggest problem. She also asked the group to help their organization to find indoor facilities to practice sport during the long winter period. And so, she stressed the fact that indoor sports facilities are not easy to have access. As a result, they are also expensive for their leisure group to organize their activities on a Weekly basis.

The problem of sport facilities is a big issue for most of the associations in Hämeenlinna because the city does not have enough sports facilities available. As a consequence, the high prices have an impact on the weakest groups. The Hämeenlinna representative has proposed to arrange a meeting with the board of Hämeenlinna Football Club, the sport section of Hämeenlinna city, and the Authorities to rule on the real problem through open discussions in order to find ways and means to solve this situation through concrete solution. 

The partners also have Suggested using their connections to find facilities for the women group. Therefore, Heritage Hämeenlinna has used this FARE event to assist with the support of the various partners to advise on writing applications for financial support and training for their volunteers in organizing sports groups.

The football evening ended with a sauna party where the players of the different teams and leaders took advantage of this beautiful opportunity to exchange more to strengthen their friendship with others in the conviviality around a great meal sumptuous. We also discussed and informed about the situation of young immigrants residing in Finland who want to join the football club despite the high monthly fees and the steps to take.

We also discuss a publication: Phil Schwarzmann “How to marry a Finnish girl” was one of the most interesting topics because in this publication you will find the key to integration in Finland.

Finally, it ended on how to integrate a Finnish football club where most football clubs are mainly funded by parents of young players who have no other choice. As a result, this makes it difficult for migrants whose parents do not have enough money to register their children. As a conclusion, we will make our Modest contribution in order to engage sincerely with Municipal Councils in some cities to allocate funds to support low-income families in the future.

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Fundamental Rights Forum and Sport and Refugees Forum

During the following months, Sport Welcomes Refugees project and SPIN network will be present in two different international events.

From the 25th to the 27th of September will be held in Vienna the Fundamental Rights Forum.

Over three days, the Forum will be a melting pot of ideas. Participants will share their stories, discuss new perspectives on pressing human rights issues and suggest strategies to deal with them.

On the second day of the Forum, the 26th of September, Des Thomlison will represent the Sport Inclusion Network and he will participate during the conference.

The Sport and Refugees Forum is to be held in Lausanne, Switzerland, on November 8, 2018 and it will be a further occasion where it will be related the experience of SWR project.

The conference event will appeal to governing bodies, leagues, clubs, NGOs, UN agencies, and all those engaged with and interested in effectively addressing this topic.

The Sport Inclusion Network (SPIN) is proud to be an event partner. At the Forum we will share experiences and present preliminary findings about our ongoing Sport Welcomes Refugees project.

On the World Refugee Day, RESPONSIBALL launched a special website (https://schwery.com/workshop/responsiball-forum/) for the Forum on Refugees and Sport.

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Football aids Refugees

As part of UEFA’s Study Group Scheme, representatives of 21 member associations met in the Republic of Ireland in early April to consider how football can be used to help migrants. The meeting was hosted by UEFA member Association and Sport Welcomes Refugees partner organisation FAI.

Football can bring people together, foster mutual understanding and break down prejudices. A total of 65 million people around the world have been driven from their homes – 9 out of every 1,000 people worldwide. While some countries are more affected than others this forced migration has sparked a global debate spanning social, cultural, economic political and environmental issues.

As the world’s most popular sport and one that is deeply embedded in the fabric of society, football has been affected by this global crisis, yet also has the potential to help alleviate it. Many of UEFA’s member associations have been directly impacted and have sought to improve matters in their countries.

Against that background representatives of various national associations recently attended a UEFA Study Group Scheme seminar entitled Football and Refugees with the express intention of learning from one another as well as from other relevant experts and organisations, and addressing this issue in the most effective manner possible.
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Girls Football Festival | “Football Zajedno“

Playing football together and breaking down prejudices: from 13 to 15 July 2018 girls teams from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia will meet in Vienna with local football teams.

The fairplay initiative will organise the “Girls Football Festival – Football Zajedno“ that will be more than a normal tournament. The girls and their teams will be three days in Vienna for joint training sessions, public viewings of matches of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, a collaboration with local clubs – and of course the tournament.

Intercultural exchange will be established with an educational and cultural programme including topics of sexism, nationalism, respect, fairplay and empowerment of girls. Football is not only a place to get to know other players and teams, in football intercultural youth exchange and breaking down prejudices is possible easily. It is also a place of empowerment of which girls and young women are taking possession more and more. Their commitment shall be promoted with this football festival for girls’ teams in Vienna.

In the frame of the “Football Zajedno” project the Girls Football Festival will bring together teams from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia with female football players and the ex-Yugoslav community in Vienna. The festival will last three days and will include an international football girls’ tournament and an intercultural fringe programme.

“Football Zajedno – Promoting Equality and Non-Discrimination through Football” is a joint project coordinated by the fairplay initiative with the Balkan Alpe Adria Project (BAAP) in cooperation with the football associations of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. Football Zajedno is funded through UEFA’s HatTrick programme.

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The contribution of Uisp’s projects to Mondiali Antirazzisti

“Sport welcomes refugees” and “Welcome! Mondiali Antirazzisti in tour” projects were protagonists of training and comparison moments.

In the programme of Mondiali Antirazzisti, held in Castelfranco Emilia (MO) from the 4th to the 7th of July, the national training workshop of Sport Welcomes Refugees European project took place. On this occasion, Loredana Barra, Uisp Sassari, animated a discussion on Uisp methodology to be applied in the proposed activities with migrants and refugees and with the little ones. The group of participants, made up of members of the national Uisp, several Uisp coordinators of the Welcome – Mondiali Antirazzisti in Tour project, university researchers and journalists, was confronted, thanks to the explanations and games proposed by the trainer, on the need to adopt during the training an oblique rather than horizontal methodology. Entrusting to all the same sports objectives can, in fact, arouse disappointment and negative experiences that are going to undermine the willingness of the participants to get involved. On the opposite, by giving freedom of interpretation, everyone is allowed to perform the exercise obtaining a much more satisfactory overall result. The workshop ended with a stimulating exchange of ideas on the application of this methodology to the events that the various coordinators present have planned. In particular, a focus was held on the activities that are going to be proposed on August 31st, on September 1st and 2nd in Matera for the “Mondiali Antirazzisti al Sud” event, as part of the “Welcome! Mondiali Antirazzisti in tour” project.

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SWR Basic Package

Do you want to open your club or your association to migrants and refugees? Do you want to receive support to make your sports club a more welcoming place for people of different cultures?

The “Sport Welcomes Refugees” project can offer you practical help and a small financial contribution. Register on the http://swr.sportinclusion.net/ platform, download the form send it to us!


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Uisp Ravenna-Lugo: the integration through sport

Sprar, a football team composed by refugees and asylum seekers, after a fight against the rivals decides to voluntary pull back for immaturity.

The integration through sport: a method that works. Uisp Ravenna-Lugo demonstrates this sentence. In fact, few days ago it received a letter from the football team Sprar Ravenna , that, after a bad episode, during a match with some rivals, decided voluntary to pull back from the competition due to immaturity. “It as an act of honesty and concreteness worth to be mentioned” is the comment of the Uisp section of Emilia-Romagna.

The episode is described in the article wrote by Marcello Radighieri published on Repubblica.it: “ two amateur football teams during a match of the playoff are responsible of a fight that concerns various players. Both of them were punished with a defeat by forfeit and different sanctions. Episodes that just apparently we got used to see. Anyway, in this case the end is different, with the “immediate and voluntary” pull back of one team due to explicit immaturity.

In fact, after few days from the fight, which took place April 30th on the field of Marina di Ravenna between Az Ravenna 2003 and Sprar Ravenna, this second team wrote a letter to the Uisp Ravenna-Lugo section: “with this letter we want to communicate the voluntary and immediate pull back of the team from the competition. Our team didn’t demonstrate a sufficient maturity in order to deal with the stressful situation that can be produced on a football field. As a matter of fact the acted in an irresponsible way and against the values of the competition”. This responsibility confession has been particularly appreciated by the Uisp section.

In the letter sent by the team managers, the action is motivated by the fact that they hope that the players will learn from this episode. The main objective of the team is not the placement in the competition but the integration of the players through sport. The experience was born in October thank to the initiative of the Comune di Ravenna and Camelot cooperative.

In the extraordinary communication published by Uisp Ravenna-Lugo, the association expresses that “it won’t be tolerate any other case of racist discrimination, that were noticed throughout other matches. Those are behaviours that have nothing to do with sport spirit, that is for definition friendly and aggregative. If anyone linked with the association will act in this way it will be promptly punished and banned from Uisp”.

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(Deutsch) Der oberösterreichische Amateurverein Union Raika Enzenkirchen stellte am vergangenen Wochenende sein Heimspiel unter das Motto “Sport Welcomes Refugees”.

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

Beim 4:0 gegen die Union Vichtenstein stand diesmal aber nicht der Heimsieg im Mittelpunkt, sondern eine spezielle Aktion des Vereins, mit der er ein Zeichen für Vielfalt und gegen Diskriminierung im Fußball setzte. Der Slogan „sport welcomes refugees“ ist bei der Union Raika Enzenkirchen nicht nur eine leere Floskel sondern wird durch die Integration der in Enzenkirchen lebenden Flüchtlinge auch täglich im Training und im Spiel gelebt.

Beim zweiten Heimspiel der Kampf- und Reservemannschaft der Union Raika Enzenkirchen in der Frühjahrssaison gegen die Union Vichtenstein am 15. April 2018 in der 2. Klasse West-Nord haben die Spieler mit neuen Aufwärmtrikots auf die Initiative „sport welcomes refugees“ und das vereinseigene Projekt „blau-weiß-blau verbindet“ hingewiesen, um somit auch noch einmal an die Wichtigkeit der Integration von geflüchteten Menschen zu erinnern. Zusätzlich wurde auf die Aktion auch in der Stadionzeitung und durch den Stadionsprecher hingewiesen. Bereits im Vorfled wurde auf Social Media die Aktion beworben. Durch die von der fairplay Initiative zur Verfügung gestellten Utensilien (Transparent, 2 Banner, Broschüren, Poster, Sticker) konnte das Schwerpunktthema am Spieltag präsentiert werden, und die Zuschauer_innen wussten schon beim Eingang, dass es sich um ein „besonderes“ Heimspiel handelt.

Christoph Schmidseder, Marketing- und Pressebeauftragter des Vereins: “Die Aktion war ein voller Erfolg und wurde von allen Beteiligten super aufgenommen. Wir glauben, dass diese gelebte Integration in einem Verein ein toller Weg ist, um geflüchteten Menschen ein neues Zuhause zu geben. Wenn noch mehr Vereine diesem Beispiel folgen würden, hätte dies nur positive Folgen für die Vereine und die Gesellschaft.”

Union Enzenkirchen lud auch die Bewohner_innen des Flüchtlingshauses im Ort zum Spiel ein, von welchen auch sehr viele gekommen waren. Die Aktion von den Zuschauer_innen und Spielern toll angenommen und der Verein hat von vom Schiedsrichter und dem Vichtenstein-Trainersuper Komplimente bekommen! Auch im Bereich Social Media gab es viele positive Reaktionen.

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Basket & dignity: a project for refugee kids in Lebanon

This year, as in the past, the project Summerbasket Tour 2018 will include a sphere concerning international solidarity. Through Basket and Dignity in these years we helped building some activities in refugees camps in Lebanon. In 2018 we will continue those activities with a specific focus on women’s basket. We are sure that in this year as in the past each stage will be even more generous in this project that concerns directly Uisp.

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Uisp Caserta: February 14th – “Caserta Antiracist Cup”

The competition is organised by the multi-ethnic group of RFC Lions Ska Caserta and it is a part of SportAntenne Uisp project.

SportAntenne is back, the Uisp project that aims at the appearance, the mediation and the fight against racial discriminations. In fact, Wednesday February 14th will take place “Caserta Antiracist Cup”, the competition organised by the multi-ethnic group of RFC Lions Ska Caserta and that this year is included in the awareness project “SportAntenne”.

Three teams will try to win the cup: RFC Ska Lions, ASD Family and Stella Rossa 2006. The ASD Family is a team born this year and composed by refugees and asylum seekers hosts in the extraordinary reception centre of Piana di Monteverna (Ce). Stella Rossa is a football team born in 2006 in the Neapolitan territory, in Scampia, and it is linked  with RFC Lions by a strong friendship which goes back to the Mondiali Antirazzisti experience of 2012. Three teams will have a triangular competition composed by 30 minutes matches.

In the “sport centre Talamonti” will be set up an info point of SportAntenne by the staff of local Uisp section who deal with this project against discriminations since one year.  SportAntenne is a Uisp project that financed by the Ministry of the Interior and European Union (Asylum, migrations and integration fund 2014-2020). For this project Uisp works with UNAR – National Anti-Racial Discrimination Office –  in order to let emerge direct and indirect racial discriminations using and valorising the territorial network that Uisp build in 70 years of activities. SportAntenne is a project that aims at let emerge that discriminatory phenomenon, using mediation through sport.  Several notifications have been sent to the Uisp Caserta Antenna, concerning episodes of discrimination and racism that took place inside and outside reception centres, in the streets, on football fields and on the bleachers, with public offices and concerning the rent of an apartment.

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