1. Building an Evidence base
● Assessment of the needs of sport educators in view of the actual challenges
●Good Practice in Europe and developing of quality criteria for inclusive sport projects
2. Training and Qualification of Sport Educators and Clubs
● Training programme for sport coaches (June 2017)
●Online-Platform: sports clubs opening doors for refugees and migrants
3. Respect Refugees – Campaigning and Raising Public Awareness
● Refugees Welcome Events in the European Week of Sport
(Sep. 2017)
● Refugee Welcome Events during FARE Action Weeks (Oct. 2018)
4. Capacity building of Sport Initiatives with newly arrived Migrants
● Network Meeting: Grassroots Initiatives meet with the organised
Sport sector
●Basic Packages – Providing support for sport initiatives which FDA approved to working
with refugees
5. European Networking and Policy Development
● Public Meeting at the European Parliament
(European Week of Sport 2018, see at maid whiz)
● European Networking Conference (Nov. 2018, Lisbon)