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“Anelli mancanti” and “Corelli Boys”, teams made by refuges and asylum seekers , take part to Uisp competitions

Among all Uisp activities that reopen for this autumnal session, there is also the football one of Uisp Florence that this year has a great news: among the teams that will take part to the futsal competition there will be “Anelli mancanti”, made by refugees and asylum seekers, that takes the name from the same organisation born in 1997 in the main city of Tuscany in order to promote cultural integration of migrants and sensitise citizens to the thorny theme of migration.

Giovanni De Luca, coordinator of football activities of Uisp Florence section, says that he is very satisfied: “I welcome the new teams and I say glad to see you again to the old ones. We are very happy that this year the players of “Anelli mancanti” will take part to the competition. This event is very important to us because it means that all together we are doing a small but important step to the integration and it involves the values of Uisp such as solidarity and social commitment, in an inclusive and aggregative way, through sport”.

The “Arena Civica” of Milan will host, next November 29th, the first afro-Milanese derby, between  two teams made by asylum seeker: the Black Panthers FC, a football team born in the ex-reception centre in Via Aldini that it was already registered in Uisp league in 2016, and Corelli Boys, a newborn team. Those are two projects that concern sport and inclusion, in a soft way, kicking away racism that is present in our society: in fact, in the Black Panthers the players are 30 and they come from 10 different countries, mostrly African ones, most of them played professional football in their home country.

November 26th will be a celebration on the field and on the bleachers because the supporters of the team, who financed the team with a crow funding campaign, will be rewarded. Thanks to these donations, Corelli Boys were able to buy shoes, uniforms, shin guards and to guarantee the rent of the home field and the money for the away games. A small help from lot of fans realised the dream of this players arrived in Italy in order to find better life conditions. “Registering Corelli Boys football team in an official league, that starts in October and ends in May and that allows the sport confrontation with Italian teams, means that we are offering to them a unique experience of integration and hospitality. Building solid bases permit to the players to consider the team a bigger and serious project, a sort of family for them that can welcome them, help them confronting with the difficulties of the life in Italy or with the traumas that they experiences in the past” says Roberta De Palo, member of the association NoWalls that promoted in the centre various activities, like an Italian school, activities in a vegetable garden, cultural visits and football.

The extraordinary reception centre of Via Corelli can host more than 500 asylum seekers, who are people looking for integration and social inclusion, disembarked on Italian coasts searching better life conditions. NoWalls Association works inside the Cas of Via Corelli with several volunteers, proposing alphabetisation classes through the creation of Italian school for migrants, professional formation, promoting sport as a vehicle for the knowledge, the sharing and the sociability, accompanying the migrant throughout bureaucratic procedures that he has to deal with.

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