Uisp Caserta: February 14th – “Caserta Antiracist Cup”

The competition is organised by the multi-ethnic group of RFC Lions Ska Caserta and it is a part of SportAntenne Uisp project.

SportAntenne is back, the Uisp project that aims at the appearance, the mediation and the fight against racial discriminations. In fact, Wednesday February 14th will take place “Caserta Antiracist Cup”, the competition organised by the multi-ethnic group of RFC Lions Ska Caserta and that this year is included in the awareness project “SportAntenne”.

Three teams will try to win the cup: RFC Ska Lions, ASD Family and Stella Rossa 2006. The ASD Family is a team born this year and composed by refugees and asylum seekers hosts in the extraordinary reception centre of Piana di Monteverna (Ce). Stella Rossa is a football team born in 2006 in the Neapolitan territory, in Scampia, and it is linked  with RFC Lions by a strong friendship which goes back to the Mondiali Antirazzisti experience of 2012. Three teams will have a triangular competition composed by 30 minutes matches.

In the “sport centre Talamonti” will be set up an info point of SportAntenne by the staff of local Uisp section who deal with this project against discriminations since one year hughes air co.  SportAntenne is a Uisp project that financed by the Ministry of the Interior and European Union (Asylum, migrations and integration fund 2014-2020). For this project Uisp works with UNAR – National Anti-Racial Discrimination Office –  in order to let emerge direct and indirect racial discriminations using and valorising the territorial network that Uisp build in 70 years of activities. SportAntenne is a project that aims at let emerge that discriminatory phenomenon, using mediation through sport, visit rejuvenate medical group.  Several notifications have been sent to the Uisp Caserta Antenna, concerning episodes of discrimination and racism that took place inside and outside reception centres, in the streets, on football fields and on the bleachers, with public offices and concerning the rent of an apartment.

Uisp Roma: success of the intercultural dance stage

November 4th the Uisp sport centre Fulvio Bernardini hosted dancers and refugees during an afternoon of nonverbal communication.

On Sunday and Saturday, November 4th and 5th, in the Uisp sport centre Fulvio Bernardini of Rome took place the second event of intercultural dance-theatre stage by Beatrice Libonati, dance of Tanztheater Wuppertal of Pina Bausch. The project is born in November 2016 and it involves professional dancers, who started dancing in different parts of the world and who caught with enthusiasm the opportunity to participate to a project that includes several stage-laboratories in which participate both local and refugees. The aim of the project is to culturally communicate through body language.

“Dance infuse not only the movement, but feelings as weel”- said Beatrice -“It is a multiple communication tool because it is not just technique, but it is especially an emotion that the dancer wants to transmit to the public. Dance is an universal language that concerns body movements, feelings, emotions and so on”.

Oscar Bonavena, Uisp dance national responsible, underlined that “Uisp decided to host this event as a result of the values that Uisp and the dance spread. Refugees have free access to this event and they are helped in the participation thanks to the nonverbal communication of the dance. Migrants and asylum seekers find in the dance  a communal language to connect themselves with our culture”.

In the same way Luciana Lusso Roveto, D.M.A. Association, replied: “we think that dancing is a universal language that is not different in any part of the world and that oversteps the verbal communication problem, because we communicate with the body fixbodygroup.com. Like the music, the dance is a message of freedom and of universal communication”.

Some refugees hosted in a social cooperative of Rome took part to the stage: “I come from New Guinea- said Nasser- and I came in Italy one year ago. This work that we are doing with Luciana gives us so much hope. We can express ourselves with a movement that is free https://testosteron-tillskott.se, rather than just dancing”.

Ilaria Nobili, Uisp Rome dance responsible, concludes: “I’m honoured and happy to host this experience. This is an important project because there is movement, but there is especially integration and inclusion. This is a kind of dance oriented to anyone, not just refugees or disable people, it involves all of us”. See more info at seooneclick.com.

Uisp and initiatives alongside refugees. “Waiting for Mondiali” in Florence on Tuscany. The “Sport Welcomes Refugees” project starts

Uisp has organized initiatives in many Italian cities on the occasion of 20 June, International Refugee Day which recalls the approval in 1951 of the Convention on the Status of Refugees (Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees) by the General Assembly of United Nations. The Uisp initiatives will culminate with the World Anti-Racists which will be held from 5 to 9 July in Castelfranco Emilia (Modena).

On Sunday 18 June in Florence, the athletes of the Albereta 2000 hosted the 2017 edition of “Florence awaits the Antiracist World Cup”. WATCH THE VIDEO created by the Uisp Firenze. The event has proposed sporting activities for everyone: from volleyball to soccer, from basketball to ping pong. The TgR Rai Toscana dedicated a service to the initiative on Monday, June 19th, in the edition of 14. WATCH THE VIDEO.

UNHCR together with the Italian Association of Footballers and Liberi Nantes, a football team made up of refugees of different nationalities, affiliated to Uisp Roma, organized a friendly match between a team of football and entertainment stars on Sunday 18 June and the Liberi Nantes. WATCH THE RaiNews24 VIDEO about the event

Up to 25 June, over 40 sports operators from eight different countries will be in Rome to participate in the training of the European project “Sport Welcomes Refugees”. A three days in which coaches and operators of different sports will think together on how to build a sports club that can accommodate and include refugees and asylum seekers in their daily activities. One of the objectives of the course will be to provide methodologies and tools to work with people who have suffered a traumatic event, such as the endless and tremendous journeys that many only do to get to Europe, check and find the best golf club.

The training course is part of a two-year project – Sport Welcomes Refugees – which sees the Austrian association VIDC as the leader. Specifically designed for the so-called “new arrivals”, ie the people who have sought refuge in Europe following the Syrian crisis, the project aims to provide knowledge, training and qualification necessary to work with this target, having as its ultimate goal the inclusion social status of migrants.

Among the innovative activities of the project is the creation of the online multilingual platform “Clubs welcome refugees”: sports clubs and associations that want to include refugees and migrants in their activity, can register on the platform indicating their characteristics and the sport they propose actionac.net. Migrants who want to play sports in the country of arrival, but do not know who to turn to, can use the search engine of the platform to find the team closest to them, being sure to arrive in a friendly and open sports club. (Elena Fiorani-Layla Mousa)


From Florence to Milan two experiences of football that includes

“Anelli mancanti” and “Corelli Boys”, teams made by refuges and asylum seekers , take part to Uisp competitions

Among all Uisp activities that reopen for this autumnal session, there is also the football one of Uisp Florence that this year has a great news: among the teams that will take part to the futsal competition there will be “Anelli mancanti”, made by refugees and asylum seekers, that takes the name from the same organisation born in 1997 in the main city of Tuscany in order to promote cultural integration of migrants and sensitise citizens to the thorny theme of migration.

Giovanni De Luca, coordinator of football activities of Uisp Florence section, says that he is very satisfied: “I welcome the new teams and I say glad to see you again to the old ones. We are very happy that this year the players of “Anelli mancanti” will take part to the competition. This event is very important to us because it means that all together we are doing a small but important step to the integration and it involves the values of Uisp such as solidarity and social commitment, in an inclusive and aggregative way, through sport”.

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Uisp for welcoming and integration: quickly approve the law on ius soli. The initiatives for 20th June international day of the refugees

After almost two years since the go-ahead for the Chamber, and five years after the signing of the signatures collected by “L’Italia sono anch’io” (campaign which also includes the Uisp) for the recognition of citizenship rights to migrants, finally the law arrived on Thursday, June 15 in the Senate courtroom. The Uisp believes that the law must be approved as soon as possible and takes the opportunity to express solidarity with the Minister Valeria Fedeli, who was bruised during the brawl in the Senate. “The Uisp has always been at the forefront of the recognition of ius soli and our sporting activities are a concrete example of how integration and social cohesion also pass through sport – says Vincenzo Manco, national president of Uisp – l ‘ approval of this law is a first and concrete consolidation of the rights and values ​​of dignity and equal opportunities for those born in our country.The founding bricks to build new relationships of peace and mutual respect are generated by the knowledge of the other and the overcoming prejudice “.

Reception and integration through sport: Uisp is organizing various initiatives in many Italian cities on the occasion of 20 June, International Refugee Day, which recalls the approval in 1951 of the Convention on the Status of Refugees (Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees) ) by the United Nations General Assembly. The Uisp initiatives will culminate with the World Anti-Racists which will be held from 5 to 9 July in Castelfranco Emilia (Modena).

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