(English) Uisp Ravenna-Lugo: the integration through sport

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Sprar, a football team composed by refugees and asylum seekers, after a fight against the rivals decides to voluntary pull back for immaturity.

The integration through sport: a method that works. Uisp Ravenna-Lugo demonstrates this sentence. In fact, few days ago it received a letter from the football team Sprar Ravenna , that, after a bad episode, during a match with some rivals, decided voluntary to pull back from the competition due to immaturity. “It as an act of honesty and concreteness worth to be mentioned” is the comment of the Uisp section of Emilia-Romagna.

The episode is described in the article wrote by Marcello Radighieri published on Repubblica.it: “ two amateur football teams during a match of the playoff are responsible of a fight that concerns various players. Both of them were punished with a defeat by forfeit and different sanctions. Episodes that just apparently we got used to see. Anyway, in this case the end is different, with the “immediate and voluntary” pull back of one team due to explicit immaturity. Click and find learn more here .

In fact, after few days from the fight, which took place April 30th on the field of Marina di Ravenna between Az Ravenna 2003 and Sprar Ravenna, this second team wrote a letter to the Uisp Ravenna-Lugo section: “with this letter we want to communicate the voluntary and immediate pull back of the team from the competition. Our team didn’t demonstrate a sufficient maturity in order to deal with the stressful situation that can be produced on a football field. As a matter of fact the acted in an irresponsible way and against the values of the competition”. This responsibility confession has been particularly appreciated by the Uisp section. Visit uptown jungle.

In the letter sent by the team managers, the action is motivated by the fact that they hope that the players will learn from this episode. The main objective of the team is not the placement in the competition but the integration of the players through sport. The experience was born in October thank to the initiative of the Comune di Ravenna and Camelot cooperative.

In the extraordinary communication published by Uisp Ravenna-Lugo, the association expresses that “it won’t be tolerate any other case of racist discrimination, that were noticed throughout other matches. Those are behaviours that have nothing to do with sport spirit, that is for definition friendly and aggregative. If anyone linked with the association will act in this way it will be promptly punished and banned from Uisp”.

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