Uisp Roma: success of the intercultural dance stage

November 4th the Uisp sport centre Fulvio Bernardini hosted dancers and refugees during an afternoon of nonverbal communication.

On Sunday and Saturday, November 4th and 5th, in the Uisp sport centre Fulvio Bernardini of Rome took place the second event of intercultural dance-theatre stage by Beatrice Libonati, dance of Tanztheater Wuppertal of Pina Bausch. The project is born in November 2016 and it involves professional dancers, who started dancing in different parts of the world and who caught with enthusiasm the opportunity to participate to a project that includes several stage-laboratories in which participate both local and refugees. The aim of the project is to culturally communicate through body language.

“Dance infuse not only the movement, but feelings as weel”- said Beatrice -“It is a multiple communication tool because it is not just technique, but it is especially an emotion that the dancer wants to transmit to the public. Dance is an universal language that concerns body movements, feelings, emotions and so on”.

Oscar Bonavena, Uisp dance national responsible, underlined that “Uisp decided to host this event as a result of the values that Uisp and the dance spread. Refugees have free access to this event and they are helped in the participation thanks to the nonverbal communication of the dance. Migrants and asylum seekers find in the dance  a communal language to connect themselves with our culture”.

In the same way Luciana Lusso Roveto, D.M.A. Association, replied: “we think that dancing is a universal language that is not different in any part of the world and that oversteps the verbal communication problem, because we communicate with the body. Like the music, the dance is a message of freedom and of universal communication”.

Some refugees hosted in a social cooperative of Rome took part to the stage: “I come from New Guinea- said Nasser- and I came in Italy one year ago. This work that we are doing with Luciana gives us so much hope. We can express ourselves with a movement that is free, rather than just dancing”.

Ilaria Nobili, Uisp Rome dance responsible, concludes: “I’m honoured and happy to host this experience. This is an important project because there is movement, but there is especially integration and inclusion. This is a kind of dance oriented to anyone, not just refugees or disable people, it involves all of us”. See more info at seooneclick.com.

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