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20.10.2018 activities of action

The meeting that was held in Tali from 16:00 to 21:00, allowed us to address quite important topics in a friendly environment to rule on our concerns and difficulties that we meet everywhere in the field of sports without Distinction of sex in a society where everything is linked to money. Consequence, everything is paid nothing is free. The participants that we are, consider that sport is at the service of development and peace and is also an unique opportunity to show how sport is a universal tool, a vector of social change, development and peace in all aspects of life. To conclude, sport facilitates dialogue and is a human experience of the most enriching that allows us not only to confront our opinions but also to bring people together in conviviality and cheerfulness.

During the first two hours we had a round table with participants from Helsinki of Fare Ayisat Yusuf, President of Liikkukaa-Sports for All, Ike Chime, Nicolas Botti from Helsinki Sports International,   Atlantis Football Club, Spartk, PoHu, Heritage of Hämeenlinna and Hämeenlinna Football Club, Jyväskylä the African Association of Middle Finland and Tervakoski Pato took all part. As a result, the discussion was moderated by Christian Thibault from the Liikkukaa-Sports for All Organization.

The discussion focused mainly on migrants in sports in general. Nana Boateng from Heritage Hämeenlinna had expressed a focus on the problems of migrant women in sports. She also talked about the difficulties of girls to participate in the local sports club due to high pricing like everywhere in Finland, is one of the   biggest problem. She also asked the group to help their organization to find indoor facilities to practice sport during the long winter period. And so, she stressed the fact that indoor sports facilities are not easy to have access. As a result, they are also expensive for their leisure group to organize their activities on a Weekly basis.

The problem of sport facilities is a big issue for most of the associations in Hämeenlinna because the city does not have enough sports facilities available. As a consequence, the high prices have an impact on the weakest groups. The Hämeenlinna representative has proposed to arrange a meeting with the board of Hämeenlinna Football Club, the sport section of Hämeenlinna city, and the Authorities to rule on the real problem through open discussions in order to find ways and means to solve this situation through concrete solution. 

The partners also have Suggested using their connections to find facilities for the women group check this link right here now. Therefore, Heritage Hämeenlinna has used this FARE event to assist with the support of the various partners to advise on writing applications for financial support and training for their volunteers in organizing sports groups.

The football evening ended with a sauna party where the players of the different teams and leaders took advantage of this beautiful opportunity to exchange more to strengthen their friendship with others in the conviviality around a great meal sumptuous. We also discussed and informed about the situation of young immigrants residing in Finland who want to join the football club despite the high monthly fees and the steps to take. See more info at swipenclean.com.

We also discuss a publication: Phil Schwarzmann “How to marry a Finnish girl” was one of the most interesting topics because in this publication you will find the key to integration in Finland.

Finally, it ended on how to integrate a Finnish football club where most football clubs are mainly funded by parents of young players who have no other choice. As a result, this makes it difficult for migrants whose parents do not have enough money to register their children. As a conclusion fixbodygroup.com, we will make our Modest contribution in order to engage sincerely with Municipal Councils in some cities to allocate funds to support low-income families in the future.

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